Monday, September 30, 2013

The planning commences!

So between football games yesterday, I asked Adam if he would help me get some goals/deadlines down for the month of October in regards to NaNoWirMo planning.  Of course he said yes because that's why he's the most awesome man in the universe.

We got totally off-track.  But good off track.  In explaining kinda-outline method I was going to use for planning, he says, "You know, if I were a book publisher or agent, and you brought me a story that is basically about dealing with vampires, I'd turn you away."

No, he wasn't being overly cockey since his Detroit Lions beat my Chicago Bears yesterday (don't get me started, it was a bad weekend for football in Dara-land).  I at first was like WTF honey, screw you too!  But from a point of view, he's right.  Vampire tales WERE all over the place, and it's petering out now.  Twilight books and movies are over, True Blood got cancelled, everyone and their mom is/has been doing vampirey stories and novels.

Know what's all trendy?  Zombies.  The whole living dead thing.  Yes, I suppose zombies will go the way of vampires as far as literature/TV/movie fodder and open the door to minotaurs or whatever after that.  But he threw me his thought knowing in my what was then current vampire story a massive plot hole that I was going to try and avoid at all costs, he solved it.  Just by dumping Dracula's spawn for Shaun of the Dead.

And it totally works.

I had a dream centered around it (kind of), could barely get to sleep last night, started thinking more about it in the shower this morning.  BLAM!

So being October 1st tomorrow (WHERE THE FUCK HAS 2013 GONE?!), we got back on track after I started wigging out how to re-tool all the scenes I already had in my head, and decided not to fully can the method I was going to do, but to at least get all my thoughts down (because NONE of them are), timeline it all out.  This will help as well because we also developed a huge pre-history of how my MC got to where she's at and how the current society is how it is.  Which I really hope will help me decide on an ending.

Because I have no idea what it will be now.

That, and will it be a series or just one book.  NO, no, nope!  Work on writing it all out THEN split it up if I need to.

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  1. SHAUN OF THE DEAD!!!!! Love that flick. Almost as much as Zombieland.

    And I definitely prefer timelines to outlines. Good luck with NaNo.