Friday, September 27, 2013

Follow Fest aftermath and countdown

In case you're not sure what day it is...

Yup.  I totally just did that.  Good luck getting that song out of your head.

First off, a ginormous THANK YOU to Melissa Maygrove and her brilliant idea of Follow Fest 2013!  I've discovered so many more awesome blogs to which I'll meet so many other writers.  THANK YOU as well for all the folks who stopped by here and dropped me a note and followed me on Tumblr and Twitter.  Now I got some accountability to be sure I stay on top of things here and there.

I feel like I kinda "failed" at this follow fest.  I literally made my post (which was insanely short compared to others I saw), quickly added new blogs to my Feedly every day.... and that was it.  I read most of them, super-duper quickly.  There's seriously so many I follow now where even if I do stay on top of them all, it'll take forEVER to go through!

And like I've said, with a full-time job and trying to write, time's a factor for me.

You're right, I also shouldn't be comparing my blog/post to others.  That's what I do, I always compare myself.  I'm nearly 32 and I'm still floundering around financially and with a career/job, and there go all my friends, being happy doing what they like and aren't working on filing bankruptcy.

Yes, I am VERY HARD on myself.  It's difficult NOT to do.  I can only imagine how my system is going to handle life after writing a novel, i.e. revising and editing and getting someone to publish and whatever the hell else happens.

Wow, that escalated quickly.

At least I didn't stab anyone in the heart with a trident.  Moving on....

So THANK YOU again for the comments, follows, and love and hugs and so forth.

I'll be setting some hardcore goals this weekend for October to be sure I can get down to planning the novel for NaNoWirMo.  Adam rocks at keeping me in check by withholding beer, cheese, potatoes and sex from me if I don't follow through.

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  1. Ouch. You ARE hard on yourself! There's no such thing as 'failing' at Follow Fest, either :) You did just fine. And I hear you; I'm a little overwhelmed by the number of blogs I'm now following, too!