Sunday, September 22, 2013

More blogs because I clearly can't read enough of them

Are you like me and want to read more blogs than you have time for?

Lesson that was learned today.... check my feeds and read them on a DAILY basis.  Between football and catching up, took me 3 hours to get through a week's worth of posts.  Oy vey.

So yeah, answer my question.

If so, I highly encourage you to join up for Follow Fest 2013.  It going to be a great way to find new blogs of fellow writers to stalk and commiserate with... I seem to use those two words together a lot.  Melissa Maygrove is the host/creator.  She also reshared a post of hers with some tips on making sure your blog is to the max that it can be as far as social marketing/networking.

You may have noticed a few new tidbits to the right.  :)  Watch for my post this Tuesday!

Outside of writing, I turned into Betty Frickin' Crocker over night and made kick-ass granola bars from scratch on Saturday and we cranked out some awesome turkey chili today.

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