Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Follow Fest 2013

By the way, welcome and thanks for staring at this mess of crap I call a blog!

Dara (the Writer) O'Regan

Fiction or nonfiction?
FICTION! Mostly. Though I'm pondering a psuedo-memoir once I get through what will be my first novel in November.

What genres do you write?
With the few stories I have in mind right now, I'd say fantasy, satire/comedy, historical fiction, biography/memoir. Maybe. Kinda sorta.

Are you published?
Oh, I will be.

Do you do anything in addition to writing?
Currently, I do not. I do want to one day be writing full-time, or at least be in the field. Editing sounds fun.

Where can people connect with you?
EVERYWHERE! No, not really. I have a "contact me" form to the right if you'd like to shoot me an email, as well as....

Blog (choose your favorite follow method to the right)

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
Clearly, I am at the beginner level of writing. I'll be participating in NaNoWirMo this year, so expect to see much news of that as we get closer to November. Expect to also see the typical speed bumps and rainbow farts any other new writer would share.... only mine are more awesome because I'm Irish, I'm hilarious, and I will occasionally post after indulging in a few beers. OCCASIONALLY. I want to keep the girlish figure.

Thank you again for stopping by! I shall surely be of a great source of entertainment, at the very least.


  1. It's nice to meet you, Dara.
    Thanks for participating in Follow Fest! :)

  2. Hi Dara! Nice to meet you!
    Oh, NaNoWriMo is all about excitement! I'm not sure my schedule will allow me to participate this year, but I always try!


  3. Rainbow farts? LOL. Now THAT sounds like a way to participate in NaNoWriMo. Nice to meet you on Follow Fest!

  4. I like your positive attitude about getting published!

  5. Good luck with NANO. I always head into the month with good intentions but then I never even start...maybe this year. Great to meet you! :)

  6. Hi Dara!

    Good luck with Follow Fest! Everybody had to be a "beginner" writer at some time in their career so why not now? ;~)

    I am host of WRITERLY WISDOM WEDNESDAYS on my blog where authors, agents, and illustrators provide guest posts on everything regarding the writing and publishing industry. Come by some time and join the fun!

    Take care,

    Donna L Martin

  7. Dara, nice to meet you! I like your positive attitude and the conviction that you'll have your work published. That's half the battle won.

    J.L. Campbell writes Jamaican Kid Lit

  8. Much luck on the writing journey and with NaNo. Wonderful to meet you!

  9. Love the humor! Looking forward to following. Hope you have a great experience with Nano ( :

  10. Awww, well I very much look forward to all your great Irish humour, especially after those few beers as well as getting to know you better. :)

  11. Good luck with Nanowrimo! Following you on Twitter.

  12. Hi Dara, good to meet you through Follow Fest. Good luck with your writing endeavors!

  13. You'll have to add me to your NaNo buddy list when it all begins...I'll be doing it again this year. You'll have an exhausting blast, as it will put a fire under your butt to shovel out 2000 words/day (well, 1667—may as well be 2000)

    You've got a great personality! Keep it focused on the end goal and you'll go far!

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  14. Love that 'get 'er done!' attitude in your answer to 'are you publish?' A positive outlook is critical. Sending even more positive vibes your way~~~~~~ (<<those are the vibes)

    May your muse overwhelm you with ideas and you have time to write them down.

    Happy writing Dara! Nice to connect with you.

  15. "Oh, I will be." <---Love it.

    I love doing NaNoWriMo. It's a lot of fun.

    Best of luck with all your writing!

  16. Nice to meet you through the FollowFest, Dara! Looking forward to the post-Guinness posts! :-)

  17. Great to meet you, Dara! Looking forward to following you. :)

  18. Nice to have met you through the follow fest!Following you :)

  19. Hello, Dara, nice to meet you! Good Luck with your writing career!!

  20. Nice to meet you! I'll also be doing NaNo this year. My user name is iceangel, if you want to buddy up. :-)

  21. Nice to meet you, Dara! I always admire those who can go through NaNo! I've never attempted it--mostly because I've been in college the past 6 years. No time. :/

  22. Congrats on your upcoming novel and good luck with Nanowrimo. It's nice to meet you on this follow fest. Writer’s Mark

  23. Great to be able to visit so many, even if I am behind a little. Glad to meet you.

  24. Hi Dara. I'm catching up from follow fest--nice to meet you!

  25. Hi Dara - you sound like a fun kind of gal! :D I am doing NaNo as well - nice to know you!

    My username there is yoghurtelf :)