Sunday, September 15, 2013

Here's a swift kick in the pants.

I don't have much of an excuse for taking a week off.  BUT.  I have returned with a fun blog post that I'm sure will give my other fellow writer beginners the shove we need.

Chuck Wendig shared last April (2012 April) 25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing.  No, this is a not a grammar, style, publishing, editing, nothing like that.  It's all about mindset.

And my mindset kinda sucks.  Revolves around that whole anxiety and depression issue, too.

Seriously though, I loved this.  I would totally want to build reading this every day of my life into my daily routine.

In other news, I have acquired my most awesome notebook "system" courtesy of Staples, as well as solving my pen problem; I'm too lazy to drive 45 minutes to pen shop, so I just got refills.

I have been putting off my mission to begin a journal-ing routine.  Actually, I'm putting off trying to establish any sort of routine.  I do have a plan that just came to me: ask Adam for help.

No, Adam doesn't write, but he rocks when it comes to helping me plan out things like that.  Finances, things to do over the weekend, etc.  Sticking to the plan, that's different.  That's all me.  And as I mentioned, my mindset kinda sucks.

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