Friday, August 9, 2013

Writing Prompt #2

Today's Author had another writing prompt today, so off I go.  This one I messed a bit with the idea I had from a dream the other night.  I can't remember the dream anymore, hell I forgot it the second I got out of bed, but I wrote down my idea in a quick few sentences after I had some coffee.

Just to share, I now have 4 "big" writing plots in my head.  Kinda makes me feel all warm inside.  Enjoy.

“The Tarot reader looked up from the cards, a panicked look in her eyes.”

Even being as high as he was, Calvin could easily see her exaggerated reaction.  “Oh no, must be bad,” he couldn't help but smirk.

“I don’t think you understand,” the Tarot reader turned the cards so they showed face-up to him, “Look, you should not even be here.  You should be dead.”

“I know, I got hit by a bus,” this wasn't news, he didn't drop fifty dollars to be told what he already knew, “I was dead on the table for seven minutes.”

She shook her head, seemingly now annoyed as Calvin was, annoyed he wasn't understanding her, “But you are alive now.  You should be dead at this hour, and alive again by morning.  You die after dark, you live again after dawn.”

The woman wasn't making any sense, and being sober wasn't going to help any.  Calvin doubted why he bothered to stop in.  He muttered a thank you and stood to leave, heading for the door back outside as she shouted after him, “You do not dream, you sleep to die.  When the sun rises, you live again.”

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  1. Ah, dreams and writing. They go together like cake and... ice cream or something.

    Liked the writing sample. Calvin's (lack of?) reaction was both humorous and interest-piquing. Sorry that I'm not really a critiquing type, but I did find that neat to read, so... g'job!