Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Insert Happy Camel Here

If you don't watch much TV not on a DVR or live some place where Geico commercials don't exist, you won't get the reference of the title today.  Here's a hint:

I was literally about to shut off my computer before I realized I hadn't stopped by here yet.  No recent developments other than I am greatly, very, really, TRULY excited for the day where I can do my writing activities all freaking day long and not have 8 hours taken up by a job I have so I can pay bills.

Though I did speak to the editor of the local paper, to which he referred me to two other editors there (as he is the Editor in Chief and didn't directly handle any freelance work).  I didn't get around to emailing or calling them today.  Yay!  More stuff shoved to tomorrow!

I am slowly exploring a site that goes by Text Broker, which from the whole one sentence I saw it mentioned in, looks to be a place I can register to hopefully gain freelancing gigs.  Cracked also takes in work, and I friggin' LOVE that site.

And, happily, I got a solid hour of writing in.  Again, 20 minutes was spent staring at fragmented sentences, but hey, got some done.

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  1. That hump day commercial cracks me up every time.
    That's cool you are looking for freelance work. Hope you find some soon. It's a great way to get started.