Thursday, August 8, 2013

Making progress.

So this Huffington Post article sort of lifted my spirits as my mind went to the You-Are-31-Years-Old-And-NOW-You-Want-To-Start-Writing zone.  That shut it up real quick.

I also found out this morning about the Insecure Writers Support Group, which is a "blog hop" that occurs on the first Wednesday of each month.  Of course I would find it on the first Thursday.  I joined up my blog here with it for the next month.  I'm still going through to get a grasp on it, but it's sounding like we writers post that day regarding our insecure selves and how we feel "meh" about our hobby/career, while at the same time, giving support to each of us.  Sounds fun.

I previously mentioned my Speed Dial To The Universe book.  I'm a big believer on the whole Law of Attraction thing, The Secret, whatever you want to call it.  I use this book to get my thoughts and desires down on paper (sometimes, SOMETIMES I'm clearer when I write things down).  Everything from getting a ton of new leads at work to getting over a cold in a timely manner to how grateful I am that Adam does all the yard work.  One of the items I of course have been including are my thoughts on writing.  How I would love to have a kick-ass mentor.  How I can write confidently  How I can be involved in an online writing community or two.  And, how I want to also be involved in a writing group.

This is the fun part.  I had the day off today and Adam offered to treat me to lunch.  Score!  After that, I made a point to stop by the library near our house to see what sort of writing events may be occurring.  I had already heard that nothing really exists in our county, but it was still worth a shot.  I come to find out there IS a writing group that meets there monthly.  Awesome!  She, the librarian at the counter, didn't have the details, so I gave her my info to pass on to someone from the group, who literally called me the second I got home 3 minutes later.

Lovely woman.  The group sounded wonderful.  Though I come to find out that in talking with her and sharing my age, she says, "Oh!  You're so young!  I won't be the baby anymore at 63!"

Oh my.  There's 3 others in the group, she tells me, 2 travel frequently, and they are apparently in their 70s, from what she tells me.  And of course, as they are all retirees, they meet Tuesdays at 10AM, when I work at my full-time job.

I'm not meaning for this to sound like I'm ragging on the elderly and that I'm too cool to hang out with anyone over 60.  A group like that would be a fan-TASTIC knowledge base.  The thing that sucks is how my current life-schedule is set, it's a no fit.  She did mention that once October hit and the Farmer's Market was over (apparently one of the participants is an organic farmer), they may move it to Saturdays.... which is still a bit of a bummer as I work Saturdays twice a month.

So lesson learned, be a bit more specific in my thoughts of what I want.


  1. Welcome to IWSG! Sometimes the timing just works that way, doesn't it? ;) I've posted at least one IWSG update on a Thursday, myself, because I lost track.

    1. Thanks for the welcome! Good to know I'm not alone with delayed response issues. :)