Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Writing Prompt #1

So once of the previously mentioned blogs I said I was now following is Today's Author.  Every couple days, or few days (I haven't figured out the pattern yet), they post a writing prompt.  Meaning, "Here's a sentence.  Go do something with it in 5 minutes."

I can of course go beyond 5 minutes, and my reason/excuse for this evening is I have a few other things I need to accomplish before bed and today was a late night at work.  Can you tell I'm good at coming up with excuses?  YEARS of practice, let me tell you.

The whopping 148 words I got in 5 minutes involves a couple characters in my head for what I plan to be my November NaNoWirMo Novel.  Yes, I'm aware I need to be writing a fresh, not previously written novel.  I want to use these little writing "sprints" not only to meet my goal of somehow writing daily, but also to get my brain going on what ELSE I can include in the story I've been fantasizing about for years.  Because as I learned from July, I'm not as strong in the ways of zero planning as I thought I was.

So here is the link to the post for today's prompt, where you can see other folk's results from their minds, and even participate for yourself.

Enjoy.  Feel free to critique... but be nice, I'm tender, and I'm PMS-ing.

“They huddled under the bus shelter as the rain and wind got heavier.”

John, being the tallest and bulkiest, after Bree of course, sat between the women as they shivered, slurred, and sneezed.  At least Maisie sneezed, and he knew of all people to be sick, Maisie was the worst.  Not even Nyquil could knock her out to rest.

“J-just call a cab, John,” Bree’s arms were crossed in front of her, hiccuping as she tried to speak, “The b-buses run maybe once every half hour at this time of night.”

“It’s gonna be jus’ as hard to get a cab,” he burped himself, carefully checking the app on his smartphone once again.  Maisie said nothing.  She was still at a loss of what to say.  What to do.  Was she not supposed to go there with her friends?  Probably something I should have asked  *attorneyname* ahead of time… and calling him at 2:15 in the morning would be just brilliant.

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