Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z: Zelda

Let me first address a pet peeve.  THIS is Zelda:

This is NOT Zelda:

Google Images gave me a nosebleed just now.  Moving on...

My gold cartridge Legend of Zelda NES game was one of the first I ever received.  It was glorious and a pain in my 8-year-old ass when I first played it.

Turns out the Zelda series is one of Adam's favorite games of all time.  But here's the hilarious part.

He has never played the 1986 ORIGINAL Legend of Zelda.  Ever.  If you want to talk the timeline, sure, it's the "most recent events" in the world of Hyrule.

But seriously.  Never.  WTF, Adam.  Not even on an emulator on his PC.  He's played Zelda II and everything since, but not the original.

I do still have my 8-bit system, but it doesn't work and I'm too protective of it to send it off to this place that repairs NES systems so they run like new.

But I might have to.


  1. Thank you for raising awareness, Dara. Zelda is the princess; Link is the boy. (Briefly considered naming a child Zelda, but then I figured Robin Williams already did it.)

  2. Zelda...beyond a pretty name, I am clueless who she or he is; but who doesn't like a Princess. Congrats on finishing the challenge, am wrapping up my last few visits/comments; as I missed a few days getting my 5 per letter in while out of town. I'm continuing to blog a-z in May though.
    Sandy at Traveling Suitcase