Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y: Yard

I have lived in apartments and condos my entire life.  So the whole Yard and Garden section was never necessary when doing grocery runs and home improvement and blah blah blah.

Then Adam came along and bought us a house.  We have this thing called a yard now.


P.S. I suck at trying to format multiple pictures.

Decent front yard and side yard.  We live on a corner so we have another massive side yard (final photo).  The backyard is a work in process; the house had been empty for so long, massive weeds/shrubs/stumps took over the backyard so we/Adam has been gradually removing stumps and getting grass to grow.  He's rocking it so far.

He rocks at a lot of things, actually.

What we have both learned is that much like cats and dogs, I am an indoor Dara.  I will clean a bathroom and kitchen and do laundry like it's my job.  But ask me to help pull out the weeds so we can get mulch down.... good luck with that.

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