Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S: Sid

I mentioned back on April 11th that I had a car.  I bought it new in 2005.  A Saturn Ion.  He goes by Sid.

It wasn't long after I got Sid where I noticed the comment put by the dude who added the detailing accent lines whatever they're called.  Have a close look at this picture, "Sid did it," is what it says.

Aside from how unprofessional of the Sid guy who did that (apparently doing that is frowned upon), I never really thought much of it and still referred to my car as, "My Car."

"Sid" was all Adam's doing.

While still living in Chicago, Adam borrowed my car and put gas in it while he was out.  Back at my place, "Oh, I put some gas in Sid for you."

"Who the hell is Sid?"
"Your car.  Don't you call him Sid?"
".... no?"
"Oh, well, he's side.  He's even got a name tag already."

This coming from the guy who used to drive Darby the Durango and now has Debbie the Dakota.


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