Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N: Notre Dame... I mean Novel! Yes, Novel...

When figuring out my posts for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, N was easy.  Notre Dame!  DUH!

Luckily for you, I addressed that obsession already on April 7th.  So I had to come up with an alternative for today.

Novel.  I wrote one.  Five months ago.  In 30 days.  Remember how I was stupid happy that I did, too?  And how I was even more happy that the story itself isn't finished, maybe halfway?

My novel has been the source of my rantings here.  Rants, in that I rant how I can't get myself back to it.  Have a look at my IWSG posts, nearly all are around how I am just not writing.  Especially that.  So since I already have an opportunity to whine about my writing shortcomings, here's a bit of a mess of a synopsis of what my novel is since I've never really shared a lot of it.

Maisie Riley is a late-20s-something living with an extremely rare blood disorder/condition that prevents her from sleeping.  Ever.  She never has.  To her knowledge, her parents put her up for adoption because who would want to deal with a toddler that doesn't sleep?  After hoping around from foster home to foster home, she has grown into a pretty level adult.  The fun starts when she finds out that the CEO/owner of a global medical research company is her grandfather and she is the only living relative.  Hello massive income!  Maisie's happy and spoils herself and her two BFFs Bree and John.

Insert wrench in her plans here.  After being attacked by what she assumes is a bath-salts addict, Maisie learns the true nature of the global empire she's inherited.  Sure, it guides and supports groundbreaking research for human health, but the real purpose is to control a growing population of Unliving; people infected with an unknown ailment or something where they require Living human organs and flesh to sustain themselves to keep from going crazy and outright murdering normal people.  The crazy bath-salts attack she had was really an Unliving, and due to her blood disorder, she wasn't infected.  Her grandfather had the same problem and spent all his time trying to handle the Unliving population on top of finding a cure for his own problem and a cure for the Unliving issue.

Also insert Bree possibly being an Unliving hunter a-la Bruce Wayne/Batman, jackass board members trying to push her out and have Unliving run the show, and other crap I can't put words to yet.  It's a fun little shit-storm I have planned out.  Mostly.

Think Repo Man plus Walking Dead plus 28 Days Later plus other random things here and that's the novel I'm trying to complete.


  1. Wow, that is quite a plot. It sounds like fun read. I hope you can find a way back to it.
    Dropping by from the A to Z Challenge
    Elizabeth at

  2. LOL! Congrats on the 30 day written novel! :) I say that means you can rant as much as often as you need to! And what an interesting story you've got there. I too hope you find your way back to it.

  3. I've tried NaNoWriMo before, but my novel idea needed too much research and I had to end the attempt. But, good for you for getting it done! Doing a novel in a month will definitely cause you to rant! Which is why IWSG is so great. They're there for you. It's nice to meet you through this challenge. There's just something about coffee! I can't drink much, because caffeine really affects me if I drink more than one a day... and even then, after a while I need to cut that out. Then, I'm back to decaf because I love the flavor of coffee. I'm not one of those that snubs her nose on decaf, but caffeine can be a good boost to the energy and mood, that the leaded variety becomes a good friend to get back to. :) Writer’s Mark