Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M: Mom

I have mentioned this wonderful woman numerous times.  Perhaps it's time you've met her.

Yes, she went to Disneyworld a few weeks ago.  She kinda sucks like that.

This is Shannon, a.k.a. SMO, a.k.a. Mom/Mama.

We're stupid close.  Granted, I did go through that phase in high school referring to her as Stalin because how dare she tell me to finish my history paper before going to see the Wayne's World 2 at the movies?!  Of course as an adult now, I know she did that as part of her "Don't Be Me" campaign.

Other than the Russian dictator reference, I also refer to her as Wonder Woman.  She is the strongest person I know.  Between the drama of being a teenage, unwed, mother in the early 1980s, balancing 3 jobs at one point to provide for us, and more recently, being a widow, I'm fairly confident she could WW a run for her money.

Mom also expresses herself a hell of a lot better than I do.  Papillon D'Amour is a blog she has been keeping since my step-father's death and it's incredibly moving.  Have some tissues on hand.


  1. Dara, that is a beautiful post and tribute to a wonderful woman..
    Have you checked out the going viral utube which captures Mom so well?

  2. Lovely choice for the letter M. She sounds like a wonderful woman.
    Happy A to Z'ing. :)

  3. Perfect choice!
    This is a wonderful way in which to honour somebody who is special!
    Writer In Transit

  4. My M day was about MomMom, but from a different perspective. We should all cherish our mothers. Thanks for sharing. She's quite a wonderful woman! :)

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
    My A to Z
    Caring for My Veteran