Wednesday, December 4, 2013

IWSG December

Holy crap it's Wednesday.  And the first Wednesday of the month.  I promised to get back to a regular posting schedule and damnit the hump of the week has arrived.  Which means it's time for....

For those of you not having a clue what the Insecure Writers Support Group is just that.  An official site has recently been launched which has tons and tons and TONS of fantastic resources for writers, struggling or not.  There is also a Facebook community for quick access to great knowledge and an open ear.  Do it!

It's gonna be the NaNoWriMo version today!  Mostly.  If anything, re-entering the world after NaNoWirMo.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I was spending the next few days of November (all 2 days left of it) to take care of the many things I had left alone while cranking out my 2,000 words per day goal.  Christmas decorating, grocery shopping, random mini-projects around the house, dusting, laundry, the usual.  Monday I headed into work, running around bragging what I had accomplished.  As I work at a car dealership, I got a lot of those shut-up-and-sell-a-car looks, but a few were thrilled at what I had been able to do.  Even more surprised when I told them that the story itself was only halfway done (yes, I have tons more to write, more on that another day).

Now during my lunch break for the past month, I took my sexy ultrabook up to the meeting room and cranked out between 600 and 900 words, stuffing a turkey sandwich in my mouth and not really seeing any light of day on what was a break at work.  Oh wait, I did it!  I have my breaks back!  I took that time to run to Meijer for a couple things and Sears to check the price on some tools Adam wants for Christmas.  That was it.

What?  Wasn't there stuff I would normally do?  Hmmm, I had to think.  Get lunch?  Nah, I got into a habit of bringing something every day.  Oh well, guess I'll just chill at my desk and get caught up on Feedly and my blogs I follow.  That was weird.

I get home.  BAM!  I was go-go-go-ing with a ton of things.  Then it was ONLY 8:30.  What else did I have to do?  Anything?  I don't have 2,000 words to write.  I actually got to RELAX in the evening.  Holy shit, THAT was weird.

Point?  These past 30 days finally tweaked something in me.  You know the method/idea that it takes 28 days to create or break a habit?  It's true.  Super true.  Like insanely true.  While I am taking a good week off from my novel before going back to continue the story, I'm finding I have a shit-ton of spare time now.  I always felt when I first dove in to NaNoWriMo that I'd have zero time with a full-time job.  While it was partly true, (Monday through Friday I really did nothing but write), now that my schedule is "clear," I'm just amazed with the time I really do have.

And then I go into my dark little hole of, "Oh my sweet baby Jesus, the amount of this time I have spent gaming and nothing else!"  I try not to go there.

But yes, that means I do truly have the time to get my Batman: Arkham Asylum on. 

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  1. Congratulations! I am so impressed you were able to top 50,000 while working a full-time job! I guess NaNoWriMo forced you to organize your time and it worked too well. LOL. Good luck with the editing and finishing part now!
    --December IWSG co-host