Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What, why, and maybe a few how's.

The big goal?  To write for a living.
Another big goal?  To be published.
Yet another big goal?  One of my "stories" is adapted into a movie or a TV series.

Seriously, I've got two plots in my head I've always envisioned as a movie or TV show.  Only catch it I have to friggin' write it.  And writing is always something I loved doing.... yet I rarely do it.  And hand in hand with just the action, is allowing people to see what I've written.  I've shared my few pieces-of-pieces to only a handful of friends.  Oh of course, they enjoyed them.  But by the time they've read it, I've already gone through and read it for myself, and say, "Wow..... this is just awful!"

Typical of most writers, and newbies, as I've been reading.

I want this.  I want to do this.  Nothing is really in my way except for everyone's favorite problem:

Need.  Cash.  Now.  (Go away, JG Wentworth song!)  Why?  I'd like to pay off some of that debt of mine that's been written off.  I'd like to help pay for household expenses so Adam (the boyfriend/BFF/future father of my children whenever that happens) can focus on paying off some of his debt.  I'd like for Adam and I to get married by next fall so we can do our dream of going to BlizzCon for our honeymoon.

On an awesome note, found a new job that starts right after the 4th of July.  I can get away from the uber-stressful and extremely unhappy non-profit I have been with for the past year.  What's in my head now is that my new gig is full-time.  Pays more.  Awesome.

But can I make the sacrifices I need to in order to dedicate time every day to write?  What's sacrifices?  Laziness.  Also World of Warcraft.  Need to do laundry, meh, let me go kill a bunch of skeletons for a few hours and grind that rare mount instead.  Insert "write" for "laundry" and that's how I roll.

After having the most awesome coffee date with my friend Nikki, who also writes (for Adrian College's newspaper), she said much of exactly what I have been thinking about.  I want to start a writing group for our area, LenaWrite (I live in Lenawee county), as there isn't one short of Toledo or Ann Arbor.  I reached out to Nikki and she's on board.  I also shared with her my desires for writing and how I struggle with actually getting myself to write.

"Do you blog?" her question to me, "You should blog.  Go blog."

If I had a nickle for every time I tried to start some sort of blog, I would have maybe $3.00.  And that's not as exaggerated as much as you think it may be.

So my current actions?  My goal is to write for at least one hour every flippin' day.  My goal is to read for at least one hour every flippin' day.  My goal is to blog every flippin' Wednesday.  My goal is to complete Camp NaNoWirMo through the month of July.

So, yeah, this is now happening.

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  1. Hey Dara! Just hopping over from the NaNo cabin. I'm on my phone and can't figure out how to follow you from here, but I'll do it as soon as I get home today.